ChopLocal Vendor Guidelines

Last updated 6/14/22

ChopLocal’s legally binding vendor agreement includes many specific requirements of vendors, and we encourage you to read it carefully. In the meantime, here it is in a nutshell, without all of the legal jargon.

ChopLocal Vendors are trusted partners, expected to provide high-quality products and a pleasurable experience for customers.

Vendors are expected to:
  • Designate where they are licensed to sell
  • Follow all applicable laws and regulations, including processing, labeling, storage, etc.
  • Keep customers’ personal information private
  • Carry the appropriate insurance for their business
Additional Requirements:
Sell meat!
  • Other products must be approved by ChopLocal.

Provide accurate and transparent product descriptions.
  • Specialty claims such as organic, antibiotic free, all natural may be used in product descriptions, as long as the vendor follows all regulatory requirements and can provide documentation if requested.
  • Deceptive marketing which disparages other farming or processing practices is not allowed.
  • Vendors will determine the price of their own items.
  • Vendors may offer discounts or run “sales” on a limited basis.
  • Vendors may offer an automatic discount for orders that are picked-up on site.
  • Shipping will be free for orders over $150. For orders under $150, a $25 shipping charge will be added to the total.
  • Vendors are responsible for all transaction (credit card) fees.
  • Meet or exceed expected shipment and delivery dates.
  • Utilize 2 day shipping methods, but pack the box for 3 days, just in case!
  • Offer refunds for errors in order fulfillment and/or shipping (but work to keep refunds to a minimum)
  • Identify shipments as ChopLocal orders and include the materials provided/required by ChopLocal, including but not limited to the box decal and customer “thank you” note.
ChopLocal has the right to:
  • Use vendor’s product photos in digital and print marketing
  • Remove vendors at any time.
  • Change this agreement as necessary.
  • (Don’t worry - we’ll let you know if that happens!)
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