The Most Successful D2C Meat Farms

What do the most successful D2C meat farms have in common?

The Direct to Consumer Meat Sales Online survey, performed in the summer of 2022, helped the ChopLocal team answer that question.

After reviewing over 200 survey results, we compared the answers of farms below and above $100,000 in annual sales, and here's what we found:

Farms with over $100,000 in annual sales are significantly more likely to:

  • have an online store
  • use email marketing
  • sell USDA inspected cuts
  • have some experience under their belts
One of the biggest takeaways:

Two-thirds of the most successful farms have an online store.
Many of the farms we surveyed are also selling through other channels. In addition to selling online:

  • 50% sell at a farmer's market
  • 56% sell to retailers
  • 50% sell to foodservice
But those channels are not as effective as online sales.
When we compared farms with an online store to farms without an online store, the data is pretty clear - having an online store is associated with more than double the sales volume.
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