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Customer Service for Direct-to-Consumer Meat Companies

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Did you know that 72% of customers will share a positive experience with 6 or more people?

That's a huge opportunity to grow your meat sales through word-of-mouth advertising!

But here's the bad news: if a customer is not happy, only 4% will complain to you.

But 13% will share their negative experience with 15 or more people.

That's why customer service for new and growing meat companies (and farmers selling direct-to-consumer online) is so important.

Here are a few ways you can improve your customer service:

  • exceptional customer communication
  • timely, correct order fulfilment
  • personal touches

Customer Communication

Above all else, communication with your customers should be clear and quick.

This starts with complete product descriptions and order fulfillment information, but it goes beyond that, as well.

Responding to Questions:
If a customer has a question, it is your duty to answer them as soon as possible. We all have a computer in our pocket, so even if you don't have the exact answer (maybe you need to do some calculations or check your freezer inventory) you can at least let the customer know that you received their message.

"I need to double check on that but I'll get back to you as soon as possible."

Order Updates and Notifications:
Equally important are updates throughout the order fulfillment process.

ChopLocal's software sends automated emails when the order is placed, ready for pick-up or out for delivery.

If you use our Shipstation integration and have configured the settings according to our instructions, the customer will receive a notification when their package is shipped and immediately after delivery.

If you are utilizing a different platform to sell your meat online, or are taking orders via phone call, text message, facebook, etc., you will need to manually send these updates.


Timely, Correct Order Fulfillment

We understand that mistakes happen, but those mistakes can cost you the business of a repeat customer, and discourage others from purchasing from you, as well.

If you cannot fulfill an order for any reason, it is absolutely imperative that you communicate with your customer immediately.

Many have no problem waiting a bit longer for their specialty meat, as long as they are notified.

If they are not notified, and their meat does not arrive on time (or the wrong meat arrives) you can bet that the customer will become one of those who shares their negative experience with every one they know.


Add a Personal Touch

Really want to WOW your customers? Throw in something special!

Some of the best ideas we've seen:

  • a handwritten note card with a family or farm photo.
  • branded swag, like a magnet with cooking temperatures or a meat thermometer
  • an extra pound of ground beef or a snack stick sample
  • a coupon for their next order

Yes, these items cost you time and/or money, but if you are truly trying to grow a successful business, you can consider these to be a marketing investment that pays off in the form of happy customers who tell their friends about your meat.


TL:DR Customer Service

One of the biggest advantages YOU have over larger meat brands is personalized service. That can also be a challenge - you don't have a team to provide customer service when you're busy.

But customer service, and the personal touches you add to the order fulfillment process, are an important part of your meat business!

So, make sure you communicate promptly with customers and give them a special treat to keep them coming back for more!

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